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The Secrets of Stocks, Soups and Sauces by Chef Bruno Menard

The Secrets of Stocks, Soups and Sauces by Chef Bruno Menard

It’s not every day that we get a chance to glean wisdom from a 3-Starred Michelin Chef. That’s why learning the secrets of stocks, soups and sauces from Chef Bruno Menard was such a special event for us. With over 20 years of experience in […]

3 Heritage Gourmet Dishes You Must Try in 2020

3 Heritage Gourmet Dishes You Must Try in 2020

“What’s your heritage?” That is a question that would probably stump most of us. Caught up in our day-to-day, thinking deeply about our own heritage can be esoteric or something more profound for those with time to spare. Heritage is about what we have inherited […]

We have the 6 important ingredients for your success!

We have the 6 important ingredients for your success!

6 reasons why At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy is the winner when it comes to culinary education for you!

1. Work Study Work Study

With our unique study apprenticeship pedagogy, obtain the best of both worlds and learn while working and work while learning. At 1200 hours of on-campus learning and 3000 hours of paid apprenticeship and internship hours, you get to maximise your learning experience by applying what you learnt firsthand in your industry attachments. Cherry on top, you get to boost your portfolio at the same time too! Excel at your industry attachment, you might be offered a position there after graduation! Learn on campus and on-site at restaurants and F&B partners!

2. Singapore and Beyond

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There’s no better way to learn about food around the world than to travel the world. The At-Sunrice diploma includes a unique Overseas Industrial Attachment programme to allow students to complete internships in countries including United States, United Kingdom, France, Dubai, Japan, China, Indonesia and Hong Kong. Get to learn from culinary experts all over the world with our globally-focused pedagogy.

For those intending to pursue further education after the diploma programme, At-Sunrice offers degree pathways in 5 overseas universities too.

Check out our campus and grab a virtual front row seat to our LIVE campus tour on Instagram @atsunrice on 26th September Saturday 10.30-11am. 

3. It’s all about the Diversity

With an internationally diverse faculty and student body hailing from 32 countries, the Academy offers the perfect blend of East & West techniques in a multicultural global learning environment. It’s a melting pot of diversity every day in At-Sunrice! Our chef instructors have origins in many diverse fields such as food journalism, food and wine pairing and many more and students will get to explore the food industry from different angles as each instructor brings something different to the table in classes. Our students come from Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea and all over the world, making the learning experience a multicultural and global one. Broaden your worldview and embrace the cross cultural and cross national collaborations with your batchmates and chef instructors at the campus.

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Hear from our chef instructors as they go on LIVE on Instagram @atsunrice  to answer all the burning questions you have! 25th September, Friday 7-8pm. 

4. Gold attracts Gold. 

For 4 consecutive years since 2016, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy is the national winner in higher education for culinary arts and Food & Beverage, awarded by JobsCentral Learning (T.E.D). You will be in good hands with our dedicated chef instructors and Student Services staff.

Each diploma programme has a chef instructor batch owner who will oversee the batch of students and guide them along their your culinary education journey to ensure all students get the best learning experience in At-Sunrice. Student life is a breeze as our Student Services staff will look out for you and guide you along all matters. For international students, rest assured as our staff will go out to ease your arrival and adaptation in Singapore.

Speak with our friendly education advisors on Zoom at our Virtual Open House! 26th Sept, Saturday 11.30-12.30pm. Register here

5. Tap on our solid wide Alumni Network

With 19 years of experience in the food education industry, At-Sunrice has built up a solid, close knitted and broad network of alumni students. With this strong alumni support, students can tap on the brand name of “At-Sunrice” and these networks after graduation for further development in the industry. Keep connected and continue to learn and improve!

Hear from our successful alumni Chef Malcom, owner of Candlenut! pssst..who knows, you might be sent to his restaurant for apprenticeship! 


6. Integrated Blended Learning

At-Sunrice adopts a holistic integrated learning structure with both online and offline learning methods. With our online At-Sunrice DigiChef platform, students can learn 24/7 anytime anywhere. They can also keep track of their progress with our integrated Learning Management System. Learning takes place not only in the classroom but also outside in the real world with learning journeys to explore the realm of food and Spice Odyssey capstone projects where students to invent their own creations and present them. At-Sunrice is also moving forward with a Teaching and Learning 1,2,3 (TL1,2,3) approach to further enhance the learning experience with digital tools and peer teaching and learning.

Learn more about TL 1,2,3 and experience it exclusively first hand at our Virtual Open House! 

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With all these attractive reasons, what are you waiting for?
Learn more about At-Sunrice at our Virtual Open House and dive into the world of food with us! 


Click here to visit our Virtual Open House now!


Follow us on Instagram @atsunrice and watch us go LIVE on 25th Sept 7-8pm for our heart-to-heart Chef’s QnA session and show you around our Campus this 26th Sept 10.30-11am! 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to chat with our friendly education advisors on Zoom this 26th Sept 11.30-12.30pm too! Learn more here! 



An Alumni Success Story : Seow Tzi Qin

An Alumni Success Story : Seow Tzi Qin

  Seow Tzi Qin, otherwise known as Chef TQ in the kitchen, may look unassuming with his boy-next-door looks, but he has already built an illustrious career in the restaurant industry and is a Group Executive Chef at the young age of 32. Chef TQ […]

Hear from our little patisseries for #StandUpforCleaners!

Hear from our little patisseries for #StandUpforCleaners!

After the successful run of #StandUpforCleaners this August, where 48,000 gourmet pastries were gifted to the Cleaners in Singapore for their hard work in keeping Singapore clean this COVID-19 period, let’s hear the post-event reflections from the students and teachers from the schools who baked […]

Baking Dreams to Reality – Edith Patisserie

Baking Dreams to Reality – Edith Patisserie

6 questions with Edith Patisserie’s founder Ethel Tan, Diploma in Pastry and Baking graduate of At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy 

Established in 2013, Edith Patisserie is founded and run by Ethel Tan and her partner Shaun Ong. The duo met as batchmates while taking their Diploma in Pastry and Baking with At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy.

Buttercream cakes in all flavours! 

Edith Patisserie stands out from the other run of the mill cake shops by specializing in intricate and artistically decorated layered buttercream cakes for all types of celebrations. From birthdays to weddings, they have a cake for every occasion. With their baking expertise and topnotch customer service, the business took off and from a two-man show, they grew into a thirty-strong team with seven departments.

1. What were some of the fears or challenges you had when you first started Edith Patisserie?

Ethel: At that time, Shaun and I didn’t really put much thought into the decision because we were just following our hearts – in hindsight, it was quite alarming for our family at the start because they felt that it wasn’t a viable career path. It is easy to start a business overnight, but sustaining growth is the biggest challenge. I think the hardest part was shifting gears mentally from being a pastry chef to a business owner. I have found that although stressful and overwhelming sometimes, I thoroughly enjoy the business aspect of it very much and the satisfaction of problem-solving and overcoming the challenges that come our way.

2. Why specialize in buttercream cakes as opposed to other fancier cakes in the market?

Ethel’s dainty baby pink buttercream cake: Lychee Rose 

Ethel: I think it is a medium that gives you the freedom to be creative, and also to play around with bold flavour pairings. Although some tend to pigeon-hole it as ‘too sweet’ or ‘too boring’, I like the challenge of creating something both unique and not-to-sweet for the local palette. It’s also a very accessible type of cake for everyone—we’ve all tried buttercream cakes at celebrations and birthday parties—and I think people are always pleasantly surprised when they have our cakes because it’s very different from what they assume a buttercream cake should be.

3. What is one of your special or unforgettable cake order you have received?

Ethel: I think it’s when our bakes support the causes close to our hearts that make me most proud. Over the past 7 years, Edith Patisseries has collaborated with charities championing causes close to our hearts. In 2018 and 2019, we sponsored bakes for Samaritans of Singapore’s International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day and 50th Anniversary Charity Gala.

We provide cakes every month to Salvation Army for birthday celebrations of at-risk youths in their care. We’ve also provided cakes to HCA’s ESTHER programme beneficiaries, fulfilling their last wishes and commemorating their birthdays with caregivers and loved ones. In 2019, we also raised funds for Cat Welfare Society through the sale of mini cat-themed cakes which we had specially created for them for Valentine’s Day. I think these bakes held extra meaning to the team because of the causes they were going to.

4. Some advice for your juniors and our alumni who are thinking of starting up their own cake businesses?

Ethel: Always do it for the right reasons, not for ego or fun. The reality of running a business is very different from the idea of baking for fun, so if you’re interested in starting a business, be realistic and start small as opposed to committing to a big financial outlay right from the beginning, as unforeseen circumstances like the Covid-19 crisis can always arise.

5. How did Edith Patisserie mitigate the impact from Covid-19?

Ethel: Covid-19 continues to present a very unpredictable and unique challenge for the F&B industry, and it will be an ongoing struggle for many at least till the end of the year. Although we have been experiencing drastically reduced foot traffic at the bakery, we are very thankful that we had already established a streamlined online ordering system on our website, which allows our customers to place their orders online for delivery without having to leave the comfort and safety of their homes. Despite the numerous challenges faced, our team has been very dynamic at adapting and their positive attitude and dedication has been tremendous in helping us thrive despite the downturn.

Interesting combination of bubble tea pearls with a tart pastry! 

6. We love your cakes, any recipes?

Ethel: Do check out our Steamed Chocolate Cake recipe on our website. This was published during the Circuit Breaker for all stuck at home.

Bake along with Ethel’s recipe or check out At-Sunrice’s baking recipes for #StandUpforCleaners here!

Learn more about #StandUpforCleaners by At-Sunrice here.

Stay safe and we wish Ethel and Shaun continued success!


Want to be like Ethel and bake your dreams into reality? Sign up for our Diploma in Pastry and Baking Programme now! Learn more here

Edith Patisserie 


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Chefs’ 6 secrets to cooking safe and having a clean kitchen during COVID-19

Chefs’ 6 secrets to cooking safe and having a clean kitchen during COVID-19

Mask, hand sanitiser, wet tissues… these are essentials we use on a daily basis to protect ourselves when we leave our home to dine out and run errands this COVID-19 period. But what about protecting the inside of our homes and kitchens? Your home is a […]

3 Things to Do During Circuit Breaker

3 Things to Do During Circuit Breaker

#StayHomeRecipe Stuck at home because of the circuit breaker? Feel free to try some of our simple recipes ranging from Western Cuisines, Asian Cuisines, pastries, and even desserts to cook up something delicious at home. Click on the Youtube link here to view our recipes […]

A look at Food Trends in the Year of the Rat

2020 is the Year of the Metal Rat according to the Chinese Zodiac. Chinese Folklore has it that the rat piggy backed the Ox in a race, and as soon as they crossed the river, it jumped off and dashed to the finish line. Could the tale of the rat spark some ingenuity for foodies and foodprenuers this year? How do you get in on some of the biggest and hottest trends in the food industry this Rat year? At-Sunrice bring you 4 of the hottest trends we think are here to stay!


1. Private Dining

With the rise of disruptive technology and Apps for every want and need, consumers are finding new fixes for their food cravings. From home-styled cooking to butler service dining, you will be spoilt for choice this CNY. Here are two Apps for you to try. Esseplore is a digital concierge which has just launched a beta version of their app and for those looking to satisfy their craving for local comfort food, try the Dine Inn app. If you think you’re up for a challenge this year and want to set up your own private dining business this year, you can try our Private Chef programme offered here in the academy.


2. Reduced Sugar Pastries

As consumers become increasingly health conscious, the push for low or no sugar pastries has become increasingly popular. At-Sunrice’s alumni, Chef Wyatt Tan, has recreated sweet desserts into sugar-free treats with a special ingredient– monk fruit sweetener. Taking the leap to open up his own cafe, Duxton41, Chef Wyatt hopes to change peoples’ views of healthy desserts as being ‘boring’ and ‘dull’ and  offer them a treat that not only taste good, but looks fabulous too. If you want to learn how to be a foodeprenuer, we have just the right programme to get you started. In the meantime enjoy some eye candy from Duxton 41.

3. Plant-Based Diet

The popularity of plant-based burgers and meat is an unstoppable train. With stock prices of plant-based unicorn Beyond Meat surging more than five times its original price after it IPOéd on NASDAQ, the demand for plant-based couldn’t be stronger. While some critics say that it is near “impossible” to recreate the taste of meat in a lab, other advocates say that food safety concerns such as intestinal bugs, such as E. coli or Salmonella and other diseases commonly found in animal intestines and transmitted to humans, is a big boon for a plant-based diet. The heavy reliance on antibiotics in factory farming is yet another reason to go plant based. Enjoy this video by our local start-up Shiok Meats who are deep in R&D for their launch of their plant-based seafood varieties in 2021.

This is a novel pineapple dessert using only pineapple compounds created by Chef Andre Chiang & Chef Ying Wei
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4. Sustainable Food

1.3 billion tons of global food production is wasted annually which adds up to 1/3 of global food production. Take the plunge and learn how to repurpose by- products of plants, fruits, leaves, roots and items normally thrown away to recreate edible works of art. At-Sunrice is the first culinary school in the world to champion a new wave of cooking which reduces time, cost and waste which is a key thrust of the “Sustainability with no Waste” ethos. To find out more about the Note-by-Note foundation program do check out this link. Dish featured above is a novel pineapple dessert using only pineapple compounds. Every part of the pineapple was used for the dish including the skin, eyes and crown to reduce food waste.

While you mull over the best food trends, all of us At-Sunrice would like to wish you a fabulous Chinese New Year filled with Health, Wealth and Happiness in the coming year of the Metal Rat!

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