Valentine’s Day Quiz: What’s Your Relationship with Food?

Valentine’s Day Quiz: What’s Your Relationship with Food?


Find out what’s your relationship with food this Valentine’s Day! Love-hate, complicated, hot and cold or steadfast? Take the short quiz below to find out for yourself!

I love burgers and fries


What this means for you

0-2 points  Single –You don’t really think much about food, it’s just something to fill your stomach.

3-5 points It’s complicated – Sometimes you pour over food, sometimes you just can’t be bothered with food. It depends on your mood for the day.

6-8 points In a relationship – You love food and you’re constantly exploring and trying new foods. You’re on your way to becoming a foodie!

9-11 points Married – Everything in your life revolves around food. You’re an absolute foodie. There’s no doubt about it!


How can we forget to ask our chef-foodies here in the Academy? Of course not! We posed them the questions and here’s what they have to share!


Q1: I plan my holiday around food!

“My most memorable trip was the one to Lyon where I visited the famous Paul Bocuse, a three-star michelin restaurant. I would imagine having small portions, and the standard picture-perfect classy food, but it was totally not what I expected. I was actually full after eating the appetiser and I still went on to finish everything because it was so good. Check out their appetiser and main course, their food was just so impressive!”

Pastry Chef, Chef Ying Wei


The appetiser!
The appetiser!
The main course
The main course


Q7: I have at least one chef that I look up to.

“One chef that I look up to is Chef Marco Pierre White. I admire him for his ability to make use of simple ingredients and easy cooking methods to make exquisite fine-dining food. Like him, I believe in using all-natural ingredients in cooking. I prefer to avoid artificial colouring, seasoning and processed foods. For example, chicken stock can be easily prepared by simmering chicken bones, garlic, onions, celery, carrots and coriander. There’s no need to use MSG or artificial flavours to make it taste good!”

Thai Chef, Chef Montry


Q9: I’m able to describe food well

“I would say I’m good in describing food. I can describe it such that you can visualise the smell and taste! I’m going to tell you about one of my favourite dishes, pasta with tomato sauce. First, you need to use really ripe fresh tomatoes and remove their seeds and skin. Next, using light butter, sweat fresh minced garlic and fry until fragrant. Add the chopped tomatoes and simmer to increase the concentration, then add salt and pepper. I like to use Himalayan salt and black pepper. I will also add in Kashmiri chilli. Also, don’t forget about pasta, cook it until al dente, just to the bite. Drain it well and toss with butter. Add sauce to give a nice coating. The best type of sauce is not too thin and not too thick. And at the last moment, top it off with chopped fresh basil. Sprinkle some salt and pepper and microplane-grated Parmesan cheese that looks like snowflakes.”

Western Chef, Chef Andreas


So, what’s your relationship with food? And do you have any cool stories to share? Tell us in the comments below!

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