Private Chefs Get Digital Boost from At-Sunrice

Private Chefs Get Digital Boost from At-Sunrice

We announced to our Private Chef graduates today about a partnership we signed with AI-driven food and travel platform, Esseplore.

Together with Esseplore, we are the first to offer private chefs a structured pathway to start, grow and digitally accelerate their business. The Academy’s role will be to train and certify private chefs, while Esseplore will onboard At-Sunrice certified private chefs onto its digital platform so customers can order their home-based creations or book them for private events.

As part of the partnership, At-Sunrice and Esseplore are offering 5 scholarships for the Specialist Diploma in Food Entrepreneurship for Private Chefs to conceptualise and launch their business.

Open House for private chefs at At-Sunrice Tai Seng Campus every 1st Saturday of the
month and webinar every 3rd Saturday of the month.

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