Heritage Cuisine Champion, Chef Eric Low, Shares His Chicken Rice Secrets

Heritage Cuisine Champion, Chef Eric Low, Shares His Chicken Rice Secrets

What is Singapore cuisine? Award-winning Chef Eric Low is here At-Sunrice to share his philosophy and his secrets with more than 100 of our students. He will be showing how he makes our local favourite – Chicken Rice.

Chef Eric Low is a globalchef in every sense of the word. In this 30-year career, he has worked in more than 25 countries. Europe, the Middle East, Sri Lanka and China are just some destinations where he has delighted the palates of diners on superyachts, hotels and restaurants. In 2005, Eric was the recipient of the prestigious World Gourmet Summit At-Sunrice GlobalChef Awards.

Prolific, Chef Low has written not one, but six cookbooks. Three of which are on the Gourmand International Cookbook Global and National Awards Winners listing for 2015 and 2016. Our students can look forward to learning from Eric Low who authored the 50 Best Kept Chicken Recipes.

An advocate of heritage cuisine, two of Eric’s cookbooks are on heritage Teochew cuisine and cooking. He also curated the Teochew Festival 2014 Masterclasses and the HSBC Progressive Teochew Dinner at the Waldolf Astoria, Bangkok in 2019.

Whatever Eric will share At-Sunrice, we can be sure the students will be in for a treat. His tips and wisdom comes from real experiences curating, cooking and consulting locally and far beyond our shores.

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