Hear from our little patisseries for #StandUpforCleaners!

Hear from our little patisseries for #StandUpforCleaners!

After the successful run of #StandUpforCleaners this August, where 48,000 gourmet pastries were gifted to the Cleaners in Singapore for their hard work in keeping Singapore clean this COVID-19 period, let’s hear the post-event reflections from the students and teachers from the schools who baked alongside us:

The MOE participating schools are Bukit Panjang Government High, Bukit Batok Secondary, Fajar Secondary, , Queenstown Secondary, Spectra Secondary, St. Patrick’s School, Swiss Cottage Secondary, Victoria School, West Spring Secondary and Yuan Ching Secondary.

Students’ Reflections 

How was it like participating in #StandUpforCleaners? What did you feel? 

It was a great opportunity to be participating in #StandUpforCleaners. It was quite a new experience as I never thought I would be volunteering through baking. I felt really grateful and was glad that I was able to help out and contribute as much as I can. [Siti Najla Binte Mohd Salleh, Yuan Ching Secondary (3E1)]

(Students from Fajar Secondary hard at work!)

(Students from Spectra Secondary hard at work!)

It was a challenge that I never faced before, as we have to bake a certain quantity of cookies and brownies in a short period of time….However, it has proven to be a very educational experience and I felt a sense of achievement. [Chermaine Wong, Bukit Batok Secondary (3A2)]

(A break from rolling cookies for photo-time for these students from Bukit Panjang Government High School)

(More cookies rolling for these Victoria School’s students)

It was a very fun session and I enjoyed it very much. It also makes me feel that I had done a good deed by appreciating the cleaners who work so hard silently. [Ang Lukai, Queenstown Secondary]

(And even more!! More cookies rolling for these Queenstown Secondary’s students)

What do you like best about this initiative?

Watching the cookies turning out well after our hard work in preparing it and then being able to pack them nicely for the cleaners to enjoy is my favourite part. [Tan Si Hui, Queenstown Secondary]

(Student from Victoria School gifting his handmade goodies!)

(Students from Victoria School gifting their handmade goodies to the Marine Parade Town Council!)

I like that we thank the cleaners for their hard work in cleaning the community and making sure it is a safe and well cleaned environment for us. [Sanjivan S/O Gopal, Yuan Ching Secondary (2N2)]

(Students from Bukit Panjang Government High School gifting their handmade goodies!)

We are able to show our appreciation to the cleaners for their hard work in keeping our school and environment clean and safe. [Navitha D/O Rajendaran, Bukit Batok Secondary (3A2)]

Will you continue baking – be it for your loved ones and/or public service campaigns? 

Yes. I will. As a Food and Nutrition student I would like to bake for others to show my appreciation. Besides that I can also use the opportunity to practice my baking skills and explore my creativity. [Chermaine Wong, Bukit Batok Secondary (3A2)]

(Student from Yuan Ching Secondary adding the finishing touches to the gratitude packets!)

Yes. I would like to do more baking and taking part in service campaigns because I feel that helping people is a good thing. [Tan Si Hui, Queenstown Secondary]

(Students from Spectra Secondary with boxes of their gratitude packets! So excited to give them out!!)

Yes, I will continue to bake for my friends, relatives, and parents and others. [Cyzarine, Fajar Secondary (1T1)]

Hear more from our Yuan Ching Students here!


Teachers’ Reflections 

Share about your overall experience in #StandUpforCleaners.  

Overall, although it was a tiring process, I appreciated the opportunity to contribute, especially in such a challenging time. It was also an eye-opener to be able to work with the chefs at the academy who provided guidance to the teachers as well. [Ms Lee Chiew Yi, Teacher at Yuan Ching Secondary]

It was a fulfilling task. Both teachers and students involved enjoyed ourselves. The recipe was easy to follow. The quality of the ingredients sponsored also helped with the satisfaction of the session as final products turned out to be of the best quality possible. The arrival of the ingredients early in school also ensured proper preparation can be done early, hence, aiding in the smooth baking sessions. [Nur Haryani Bte Mohamed Hatta, Teacher at Queenstown Secondary]

(Teacher at Fajar Secondary guiding the students on the baking steps!)
(Teachers at West Spring Secondary with their wonderful creations!)

It’s a wonderful experience indeed. Especially during the distribution day where the student participants were encouraged to express their gratitude to the cleaners and thanked them personally. I gather this experience of giving back to the community is very rare – I dare say its once in a lifetime experience for most of us …It’s a good feeling to see how our students have stepped up to be self-directed and taking charge of things…. I think what strikes me most is the fact that given the platform – our students are always there to show their love and gratitude to the community. Thank you for giving us this opportunity! [Mdm Sri Haryati A Hamid, Teacher at Bukit Batok Secondary]

(Teachers at Yuan Ching Secondary gifting the gratitude goodies!)

(Teachers at West Spring Secondary with the packed gratitude goodies!)

An authentic and meaningful project! [Ms Tan Sok Eng, Teacher at Fajar Secondary]

What was it like leading the students to bake and distribute? 

It was a rare and meaningful experience for me to be a part of a project like this. As a FCE teacher, it was truly heartwarming to witness my students apply the skills that they have learnt in an authentic and meaningful context. Many of the students who volunteered expressed that they would like to participate in such events in the future and this really exemplified their desire to give back to the community and they do not mind putting in extra time and efforts for it.[Ms Lee Chiew Yi, Teacher at Yuan Ching Secondary]

(Packing time at Bukit Panjang Government High School!)

(Photo time at West Spring Secondary!)

Having students who genuinely wanted to help was a pleasure. By dividing the tasks between the students, the baking and packing was able to be carried out in an organized manner. Students felt joy not just through the baking but also by feeling responsible of the task given to them. It was a fulfilling session. [Nur Haryani Bte Mohamed Hatta, Teacher at Queenstown Secondary]



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