Harvested-to-order fish from the local waters of Singapore!


Any chef worth their artisan salt will tell you that when it comes to fish, freshness is everything. Luckily for discerning Singaporeans, local Barramundi (Asian Sea Bass) farm Kühlbarra delivers farm-to-fork fish that’ll reach your doorstep within 48 hours of being harvested.

Kühlbarra hits all the right notes: local, sustainable, with obsessively monitored—every 10 minutes—ocean water quality and using all-natural high quality feed. Even the farm’s location is strategically picked, off the southern coast of Singapore, so the clear emerald salt waters, optimal temperatures, and strong currents provide an oxygen-rich environment. The result—Supremely delicious fish that’s tender, amped up with clean, bright flavour and best of all, higher in beneficial Omega 3. And Kühlbarra’s meticulous cold-chain process ensures it stays that way till it reaches your plate.

Take a virtual tour of Kühlbarra farm in our video and see what it takes to produce the freshest fishes that have chefs across Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia raving.

FOOD MAKERS OF SINGAPORE is a new video series that celebrates brands cultivated locally or in the region, that is critical yet often forgotten in the world of culinary craft.

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