A Bodybuilder’s Secret to Eating Desserts Everyday

A Bodybuilder’s Secret to Eating Desserts Everyday

Everyone wants to have impressive bodies like Kendall Jenner or Chris Evans, which means cultivating a healthy lifestyle and clean eating habits. So here are 5 healthy foods that celebrities consume to maintain a well-balanced diet and body:

Healthy Fats

1. Healthy Fats

Eating healthy fats from foods such as raw nuts, avocados and dark chocolate can help boost metabolism, reduce risk of heart diseases and lower cholesterol levels. Celebrities like Victoria Justice and Justin Timberlake regularly enjoys peanut or almond butter in their healthy diets, which can avert other unhealthy cravings.

Green Tea

2. Green Tea

Green tea is a common food that contains caffeine which assists weight lost, increase the metabolic rate and promotes fat burning. Green tea also contains antioxidants that reduces the risk of cancer, which is one of the world’s leading causes of death. Celebrities such as Cindy Crawford include green tea into their diets every day.


3. Fruits

It is recommended to consume at least 2 servings of fruits daily. Fruits are a great natural source of sugars, allowing people to consume sugar in a healthier form. Rich in various vitamins and minerals, fruits can help you feel energised and healthy throughout the day. Bananas, honeydew and grapefruits are some fruits that are also rich in potassium which reduces blood pressure and promotes regulation in muscle and heart contractions.

seven brown eggs on tray

4. Eggs

Eggs are an inexpensive source of high protein, which is known to promote muscle growth. Not only does it contain high quality protein, eggs also have various types of vitamins and minerals such as zinc and iron which is important for the circulation of blood in our bodies. It is said that Chris Pratt consumes at least 3 eggs daily, to build the big muscles that he has today. 

Vegetables Vegetable Basket Harvest Garden

5. Vegetables

And of course, we have to consume our greens to maintain a healthy diet. Vegetables are lower in calories and contain loads of fibre which stimulates better digestion leading to fast weight lost. It also contains a large amount of water, which hydrates the skin and reduces wrinkles, preventing aging and giving the healthy glow that you see on many celebrities. Ariana Grande saw the benefits of vegetables and turned vegan a few years ago. She has then lost a significant amount of weight, leading to a visible body transformation.

However, who can ever say no to a slice of that luscious chocolate cake? Sweet desserts that are so good on our taste buds, but guilty to body. The sugar in desserts can cause adverse effects on our body, causing diabetes and even contribute to weight gain.

But who says..

Chef Wyatt Tan
Chef Wyatt Tan – Head Chef of Duxton41

..that you have to stop eating desserts to obtain your ideal body type? One of At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy’s graduates, Chef Wyatt Tan, has recreated sweet desserts into sugar-free treats that supports healthy eating using this special ingredient – monk fruit sweetener. Opening his own dessert café, Duxton41, brings his tasty and healthy desserts to the people. In hopes of changing peoples’ views of healthy desserts being ‘boring’ and ‘dull’, Chef Wyatt Tan want his desserts to not only taste good, but look good too. They are always presented in beautiful, creative ways to appeal to the larger market.



Chef Wyatt Tan
Photo: Chef Wyatt Tan

Looking at his ‘Chris Evans body’ today, never would you have imagined him being obese when he was younger. Having seen a candid photo of himself taken by a good friend, he gained determination and motivation to lose weight and gain muscles over the years. He now believes in eating in moderation to remain healthy and fit. “I believe in eating in moderation. We should not be eating a lot of something just because it’s healthy, thinking that it will benefit our bodies.”

When he started to bake healthier desserts, whenever something went wrong, he could not understand why and how to improve. He knew he needed to do something about it.

3 years ago, Chef Wyatt Tan decided to enrol into At-Sunrice when he realised that he needed to pursue various cooking skills and techniques. He took up the 6-months part time WSQ Certificate in Pastry and Bakery programme, where relevant baking skills and expertise are taught through the use of both theory and hands-on experiences. Upon graduation, Chef Wyatt Tan put his newly learnt skills into practice to open Duxton41 on National Day this year.

The café has been receiving continuous positive reviews from the day of its opening. 

We personally recommend their signature “The Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Cake” and “Carrot Cake”(under their Guilt Free Mini Loaf Cake segment).

Chocolate Fudge Cake
The Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Cake

The ultimate chocolate cake with its familiar look, and smooth texture can absolutely trick you for a normal sugar-filled chocolate cake. The use of monk fruit sweetener allows the rich chocolate taste to come through, while being dense. It has a smooth texture, and does not leave an aftertaste or a thick coating in your mouth. You will certainly be able to satisfy your sweet cravings and still feel good and healthy after eating the remarkably chocolaty, delicious chocolate cake.

“Their specialty is low calorie sugar free deserts and the signature “The Ultimate Fudge Cake” is a must try.”

– Google Reviews
Carrot Cake
Guilt Free Mini Loaf Cake – Carrot Cake

The carrot cake would also be a great choice when you visit Duxton41. The light and creamy cream cheese frosting perfectly paired with its moist and chewy carrot cake will definitely change your vision and mind-set of healthy desserts. Without the use of sugar, carrot cakes can look underwhelming, with a deflated appearance. However, with the elegant and fancy piping techniques used by Chef Wyatt Tan, these carrot cakes never fail to captivate the customer’s attention, making the dessert look aesthetically pleasing.

“As a fitness enthusiast who has a sweet tooth, I am glad to have come across Duxton41. The desserts at Duxton41 satisfy my sweet cravings without the guilt as their desserts are sugar-free. Some desserts are high in protein as well.”

– Google Reviews

Possessing strong determination and courage, we hope that Chef Wyatt Tan will receive more positive reviews from his customers and continue pursuing his dreams of raising awareness of healthy, tasty, good-looking desserts to the people in Singapore, bringing it to greater heights.


If you are into sugar-free desserts, you can check Duxton41 out:

41 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089505

Opening hours:
Monday – Saturday | 10am – 10pm
Sunday | 10am – 6pm

Instagram: @duxton41
Website: https://duxton41.com/
Hotline: +65 6224 1941
Email: hello@duxton41.com



Words: Goh Jie Lin, Video: Jonathan Brandon (WSQ-DCA-074), Photos: ‘Ada’ Luar Shun Hui (WSQ-DCA-073)

Special thanks to:


Chef Wyatt Tan

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