We have the 6 important ingredients for your success!

We have the 6 important ingredients for your success!

6 reasons why At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy is the winner when it comes to culinary education for you!

1. Work Study Work Study

With our unique study apprenticeship pedagogy, obtain the best of both worlds and learn while working and work while learning. At 1200 hours of on-campus learning and 3000 hours of paid apprenticeship and internship hours, you get to maximise your learning experience by applying what you learnt firsthand in your industry attachments. Cherry on top, you get to boost your portfolio at the same time too! Excel at your industry attachment, you might be offered a position there after graduation! Learn on campus and on-site at restaurants and F&B partners!

2. Singapore and Beyond

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There’s no better way to learn about food around the world than to travel the world. The At-Sunrice diploma includes a unique Overseas Industrial Attachment programme to allow students to complete internships in countries including United States, United Kingdom, France, Dubai, Japan, China, Indonesia and Hong Kong. Get to learn from culinary experts all over the world with our globally-focused pedagogy.

For those intending to pursue further education after the diploma programme, At-Sunrice offers degree pathways in 5 overseas universities too.

Check out our campus and grab a virtual front row seat to our LIVE campus tour on Instagram @atsunrice on 26th September Saturday 10.30-11am. 

3. It’s all about the Diversity

With an internationally diverse faculty and student body hailing from 32 countries, the Academy offers the perfect blend of East & West techniques in a multicultural global learning environment. It’s a melting pot of diversity every day in At-Sunrice! Our chef instructors have origins in many diverse fields such as food journalism, food and wine pairing and many more and students will get to explore the food industry from different angles as each instructor brings something different to the table in classes. Our students come from Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea and all over the world, making the learning experience a multicultural and global one. Broaden your worldview and embrace the cross cultural and cross national collaborations with your batchmates and chef instructors at the campus.

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Hear from our chef instructors as they go on LIVE on Instagram @atsunrice  to answer all the burning questions you have! 25th September, Friday 7-8pm. 

4. Gold attracts Gold. 

For 4 consecutive years since 2016, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy is the national winner in higher education for culinary arts and Food & Beverage, awarded by JobsCentral Learning (T.E.D). You will be in good hands with our dedicated chef instructors and Student Services staff.

Each diploma programme has a chef instructor batch owner who will oversee the batch of students and guide them along their your culinary education journey to ensure all students get the best learning experience in At-Sunrice. Student life is a breeze as our Student Services staff will look out for you and guide you along all matters. For international students, rest assured as our staff will go out to ease your arrival and adaptation in Singapore.

Speak with our friendly education advisors on Zoom at our Virtual Open House! 26th Sept, Saturday 11.30-12.30pm. Register here

5. Tap on our solid wide Alumni Network

With 19 years of experience in the food education industry, At-Sunrice has built up a solid, close knitted and broad network of alumni students. With this strong alumni support, students can tap on the brand name of “At-Sunrice” and these networks after graduation for further development in the industry. Keep connected and continue to learn and improve!

Hear from our successful alumni Chef Malcom, owner of Candlenut! pssst..who knows, you might be sent to his restaurant for apprenticeship! 


6. Integrated Blended Learning

At-Sunrice adopts a holistic integrated learning structure with both online and offline learning methods. With our online At-Sunrice DigiChef platform, students can learn 24/7 anytime anywhere. They can also keep track of their progress with our integrated Learning Management System. Learning takes place not only in the classroom but also outside in the real world with learning journeys to explore the realm of food and Spice Odyssey capstone projects where students to invent their own creations and present them. At-Sunrice is also moving forward with a Teaching and Learning 1,2,3 (TL1,2,3) approach to further enhance the learning experience with digital tools and peer teaching and learning.

Learn more about TL 1,2,3 and experience it exclusively first hand at our Virtual Open House! 

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With all these attractive reasons, what are you waiting for?
Learn more about At-Sunrice at our Virtual Open House and dive into the world of food with us! 


Click here to visit our Virtual Open House now!


Follow us on Instagram @atsunrice and watch us go LIVE on 25th Sept 7-8pm for our heart-to-heart Chef’s QnA session and show you around our Campus this 26th Sept 10.30-11am! 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to chat with our friendly education advisors on Zoom this 26th Sept 11.30-12.30pm too! Learn more here! 



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