Specialist Diploma in Food Entrepreneurship: A Q&A guide

Specialist Diploma in Food Entrepreneurship: A Q&A guide

We’re sure many of you have been wondering, “What is this Food Entrepreneurship Programme that has been briefly mentioned about?”.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with an informative Q&A about the Specialist Diploma programme itself!

Q: Hi Kaushik, previously we had the pleasure of having you share your views on entrepreneurs and startups. Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the program itself. What exactly is the SDFE program about?

A: The Specialist Diploma in Food Entrepreneurship is a six-month program of mentorship, education, and project-based learning for aspiring entrepreneurs in the food industry.

Our students will have access to a state-of-the-art culinary campus, resident chefs, industry professionals, internship opportunities, and curated mentors to transform their business idea into a proof-of-concept. At the end of the course, students should have a product that they can show to potential investors to raise money and scale their operations. Simply put, SDFE is the first step in a long entrepreneurial journey!

Q: Why food business, instead of an F&B Entrepreneur?

A: SDFE is focused on the intersection of food, and 6 other disciplines: wellbeing, sustainability, tourism, do good, education, journalism.

We are interested in supporting founders with a passion for food and those who are working on food startups. This is not a program to start a new restaurant; we already have two excellent programs in the culinary arts for aspiring chefs and restauranteurs. Instead, we want to engage people with expertise in engineering, life sciences, information technology, and any industry with transferable skills into food and our six disciplines.  

Q: Will applicants need to have a background in the culinary industry to apply for the SDFE Program?

A: It is beneficial but not necessary. As long as applicants have experience in one of the six disciplines and an interest in food, they will qualify for this program.

Q: What can people expect to learn during the 6 months?

A: Students will learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, ranging from developing a business plan, validating and market testing, financial projections and cashflow management, marketing, pitching, investor negotiations, and intellectual property rights.

Rather than traditional classroom-based learning, students will develop the aforementioned skills by completing their project. You learn by building a business, not by sitting in a classroom and taking notes. That’s what makes SDFE special!


For more information on our Specialist Diploma in Food Entrepreneurship Program visit https://www.at-sunrice.com/professional-programmes/specialist-diploma-programme/specialist-diploma-in-food-entrepreneurship/

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