2 TRULY BIZARRE Italian Cheese that will change your idea of Cheese forever

 Photo: Italianbreaks.com – Discover Sardinia

When one thinks of the Island Sardinia – the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, you’ll imagine of awe-inspiring beaches, natural wonder landscapes, culturally rich heritage but Sardinia also holds some of the most bizarre specialities in the world that will make even the bravest gourmand squirm!

Casu Marzu literally translates to ‘Rotten Cheese’ is hailed as the most dangerous cheese in the world – yes, they are declared illegal and banned by the European Food Safety Authority. If that doesn’t scare you enough, how about thousands of writhing maggots?

Photo: Grubstreet.com – Watch a Close-up Video of Casu Marzu

The cheese is made from sheep’s milk and is left out to cure for about three weeks. Afterwards, the lid is cut open to invite cheese flies to enter and lay their eggs. It is then left to mature for two months in a dark hut while the eggs hatch into larvae and begin feeding on the rotting cheese. As the cheese excretes out of their bodies, it increases the fermentation process and gives the cheese it’s soft, rich texture and pungent flavour. 

Photo: Thenational.ae – Bat soup, eyeball juice, haggis and maggot cheese: exhibits at the Disgusting Food Museum

If this hasn’t put you off yet, the next one might.
Here’s a warning for the faint hearted – Turn back now!

Photo: Vice.com – Sardinian Cheese

Well, this may look like nothing out of the ordinary…but can anyone make a guess what this is? 

Hint: Meh-eh-eh! Meh-eh-eh!

This ‘kopi filter’ look-alike bag is actually a new-born baby goat’s stomach.

Yup, you read that right, a legit baby goat’s stomach. 

Su Gallu also known as Goat Stomach Cheese is made from slaughtering new-born goats that are about two months old as it hasn’t grown old enough to eat grass therefore their stomach is only filled with their mother’s milk. After retrieving the goat’s stomach, it is hung up for months for the milk to ferment into cheese.

Enough of the revolting details that will squash your appetite. Let’s move on to a more palatable note, shall we?

Other than its bizarre food, Sardinia is famous for their variety of cuisine inspired by the island’s identity of beautiful landscapes and coastlines. Sardinian cuisines reflects both the saline flavour of the sea and distinctive taste of pasture – As Sardinia’s shore has once been a victim to invasion, the Sardinians found refuge in the mountainous region. Hence the traditional food of Sardinia inclined towards the land than the sea. In modern years, much has changed and seafood has been embraced by Sardinians with the access of Mediterranean bounty.

Sardinia Classic Tallutzas with prawn sauce and wedge clams
Maialino arrosto – Sardinia’s Sucking Pig
Photo: Greatitalianchefs.com – The complete foodie guide to Sardinia

 Had enough of reading and would like to try some Sardinian Cuisine

Good news! Chef Franco Fenu, one of the top chefs in Sardinia will be coming to At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy for the Annual Culinary Well-Being Conference from 27 November to 29 November to share more on the island’s delicacies and secrets. To top it off, there will also be a Gala Dinner where you’ll have the rare opportunity to enjoy an authentic and traditional Sardinian feast prepared by Chef Franco Fenu.Find out more about the event and get your tickets here!  

Contributors: Tian Yang (WSQ-DCA-079) for research on the 2 bizarre food – Casu Marzu & Su Gallu

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