Get certified as a Private Chef

If you enjoy cooking for your friends and family, and would like to learn professional chef's cooking techniques, the 8-Day Private Chef is the programme for you!


Up to 90% Subsidy

*For SMEs & Singaporeans of Age 40 & Above. 

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What you will gain from the Programme

As a Private Chef, you have the freedom to design your own menu and cook in different environments. The course is taught by a team of global chefs. In just eight classes, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to be a Private Chef. Learn the culinary essentials: from hygiene standards and professional knife-handling techniques, to the understanding of complex spice blends, through to the foundation of soups, stocks and sauces. Upon completion, the participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement from At-Sunrice in the Private Chef programme

Basic skills and techniques of different cooking methods of Eastern & Western cuisines

Gain the confidence to be cross-trained to cook different cuisines in the comforts of your home

Be a private chef in your own home or to start your own personal chef business.

In just 8 days, you'll be able to learn how to prepare cuisines from all around the world!

Sanitation, Basic Knife Skills and Table Set-up

Techniques of Healthy Cooking and Nutrition

Basic Stocks, Soups and Sauces

Chinese Cuisine

Singapore Cuisine

Thai Cuisine

Basic French Cuisine 

Basic Desserts


What Our Customers Says


"My husband and I are currently attending the Private Chef cooking class and we thoroughly enjoy it! Special thanks to chef John Oliverio who is very helpful and detailed in pointing out what we can do better and is very active in imparting his knowledge, techniques, cooking tips & plating skills to us! Needless to say, the food at the end of each session are all incredibly tasty. We would definitely recommend this course to everyone, you'll be surprised what you end up cooking!"

"This course is very worth attending. You get to learn from different chefs how to prepare different kind of cuisine and probably will appreciate fine dining more! Thank you At-Sunrice and keep up the good work!"

"My wife recommend this class to me and I decided to take it. My honest opinion was this class is fun. It's most suitable for someone completely new and someone that does some cooking at home before. You will get an introduction to Western and Asian cuisines packed in 8 days and complete with hands-on although some of them have to be pre-prepared because of time constrain. There were several chefs to teach depends on what kind of cuisine was being taught. Believe me, they are very friendly and full of past experiences before in the real world so you will get hands-on recommendation rather than theory."


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Chef Demonstration

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Recognised as the “Best Private Education Institution for Culinary Arts” by JobsCentral, At-Sunrice combines rigorous education with access to industry leaders to ensure success for aspiring chefs and food entrepreneurs.

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