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In collaboration with Tsuji Culinary Institute, the top ranking institute in Japan, At-Sunrice presents Japanese Cuisine Master, Masakatsu Takemoto and his Tsuji culinary team, for a very special hands-on Prepare Sushi programme.

Guided by a True Master

From top ranking institute in Japan - Tsuji Culinary Institute.

Topics of study include preparing Maki Sushi, Nigiri Sushi, Gunkan Sushi, Temaki Sushi.

Very Broad Range

Sourced From Japan

Ingredients and kitchenware used over the 5-day programme.

Awarded with a SOA (Statement of Attainment)


"One of the most professional classes I have ever taken. The professor flies in from Japan just to teach this course.

A lot of knowledge is imparted. If you want to learn more about Japanese cuisine, this class would be a huge benefit to your career. "

Satish Madaan

Senior Chef Instructor,

At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy